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Meena has been teaching mathematics, statistics and operational research methods at the London School of Economics (LSE) since 2006. She has been named as an LSE Innovator and is an LSE Teaching Prize Winner for both statistics & operational research methods (2008, 2013 and 2016).

Meena initiated her student-led education project in response to The Higher Education White Paper, “Higher Education: Students at the Heart of the System” published by the Government (June 2011). Its positive impact on students’ engagement with mathematics and statistics courses inspired her to make this feature one of the focal points of her research informed teaching practice.

Since 2015, Meena has co-organised four mathematics education international conferences in collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), the University of Warick, the Open University and the University of Glasgow. Furthermore, she co-chaired the scientific committees of two of these international conferences.

Meena was included in Jisc’s list of the 50 most influential university education professionals. She is an invited member of The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) Education committee and the IMA London branch committee since October 2013. The RSS has nominated her as their representative at the British Congress of Mathematics Education Committee (BCME) of the Joint Mathematics Council of the UK (JMC).

She is a regular invited speaker at the University of Leeds as well as Mumbai University. Furthermore, Meena presents papers at national as well as international conferences.

Before joining the LSE, Meena was a course leader, lecturer and examiner for Quantitative Methods (mathematics and statistics) at the University of Hertfordshire. She obtained a BSc Hons in Philosophy and Psychology followed by a Masters in Sociology before deciding to read Pure Mathematical Sciences. She received her Chartered Mathematician’s designation from the IMA in 2003.

Meena’s research area is mathematics and statistics anxiety (MSA) in non-specialist university students. She has devised a research informed instruction method over a longitudinal study aimed at understanding and reducing MSA.

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