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Exhibition submissions: research abstract

Can you turn your research findings into a research abstract?

A research abstract is a way of creating engagement with a wider community. This entails writing a headline to grab attention and an abstract that points out the importance of the research to a user community in the public or policy realm.

Judging criteria

Research abstracts will be judged by an expert panel against the following criteria:

  • Does the headline grab attention and capture the important insight from the research?
  • Does the abstract make the case for why the community should be engaged by the research?
  • Is the abstract well-written, concise and communicative?

All entries will feature in an online gallery which will host an online vote for the Popular Prize.

Shortlisted photographs, posters and research abstracts will go through to the research competition exhibition and the following additional prizes:

The LSE LIFE Prize will be selected from shortlisted entries from undergraduate and Master’s students (and 2017 alumni). The criteria for this prize is based on LSE LIFE’s guiding principles and values within the LSE community. Specifically, submissions are evaluated on:

  1. Making the ‘world’ a better place: How well does the submission offer knowledge that could contribute to a change for the better for a community, big or small?
  2. Communication: How well does the submission use written and/or visual forms of communication to interact with the Festival audience in a way that is clear and coherent?
  3. Creativity: How well does the submission demonstrate inventive or unique ways of thinking and/or offer alternative perspectives?
  4. Self-Understanding: How well does the submission demonstrate researcher self-awareness and reflexivity?

The PhD Academy Prize will be selected from shortlisted entries from PhD students. It will be judged on your ability to communicate a concept, research question or finding in a way that stimulates debate and is accessible to a non-specialist audience.

The Beveridge Prize will be the single entry that the judge feels best fits the Beveridge 2.0 theme. Beveridge’s ‘Five Giants’ of want, squalor, disease, ignorance and idleness have been broadly re-cast as:

  • Want - Challenges of poverty
  • Squalor - Housing and urbanisation
  • Idleness - Future of work
  • Ignorance - Education and skills
  • Disease - Health and social care

Submission information

A maximum of one research abstract may be submitted as part of a single exhibit from either an individual or a group. Submissions advice is available at our Toolkit. You can also visit our previous winners page.

  • Research abstracts must consist of one headline and one abstract. The word limit for the abstract is 250 words.
  • Research abstracts must be submitted in A3 (297x420mm) and as high resolution (300dpi) PDF files.
  • Do not include any logos, for example the LSE logo.
  • To submit your file you will need to upload it to WeTransfer and get a download link to add to your entry form.
  • Before submitting please be familiar with the terms and conditions as you will be asked on your entry form to agree to them. 


All valid entries will be featured in an online gallery with public voting for the Popular Prize of £250, and will go forward for shortlisting for other prizes. If your research abstract is shortlisted, it will be:

  • Printed and displayed at the LSE Festival research competition exhibition 19-24 February 2018. You will be expected to attend a reception and prize-giving on Wednesday 21 February to exhibit your work.
  • Automatically entered for the research abstract category prize of £250.
  • Entries from students will go forward to shortlisting for either the PhD Academy or LSE LIFE Prize of £250.
  • Beveridge-themed entries will be shortlisted for the Beveridge Prize of £250, which will be awarded on Friday 23 February.
  • Uploaded to LSE open-access digital libraries (including LSE Research Online).

How to enter

To submit your research abstract, please complete an entry form. Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions before you apply. 

Contact us

For further information, email researchcompetition@lse.ac.uk 


The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 24 January 2018.

Enter now

LSE Festival research competition 2018 submission form

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  • Does your submission address one of Beveridge's five giants? Which ones? If no, please select 'NO'.
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