Mr Ukasha Ramli

Mr Ukasha Ramli

Phd Student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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PhD subject
Feedback Interventions for Behaviour Change

Ukasha has applied insights from psychology and behavioural science to a range of areas from peacebuilding, water and health behaviours in international development context, financial services regulation in the legal sector and household consumption in the utility sector. His research is currently focused on the use of feedback as a tool for behaviour change intervention. Ukasha is interested in using the abundance of data that we produce in our everyday lives to promote behaviour change. He currently works with commercial organisations in the utility sector to run large scale field experiments to engage with consumers with the goal of increasing their efficiency.

Ukasha's pet interest is on the use of cognitive offloading to reduce the impact of scarcity on cognition. This looks at how we can transfer and free up our working memory and cognition into the physical and social world.