Mr Mark C. Noort

Mr Mark C. Noort

PhD student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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PhD Title
Promoting Safety Voice through Disinhibition

Mark investigates the social psychology of risk and communication, develop tools for practice, and teach the next generation of world-changers. 

Currently, Mark holds a prestigious ESRC scholarship to pursue a PhD on the conditions that inhibit people in voicing safety concerns (e.g., whistle-blowing) and ways to promote voice. For this he integrates his experience as researcher and practitioner. Mark has a track record as research practitioner across academia, aviation and religious communities, and has published in peer-reviewed journals, provided consultancy and taught on social psychology and human factors (e.g., safety culture, societal psychology, leadership, communication, belief systems).

Academically, Mark trained at the London School of Economics (2:1 Hons) and Utrecht University (cum laude/GPA 4.0) where he was one of two (out of 600) to receive both Latin honours and a certificate from the prestigious Von Humboldt College (extracurricular honours programme). With 300 credits, he completed 5 years study in 4 years’ time. In the same period, he worked as research assistant (GoalLab, UU), co-founded a youth community organisation, volunteered as youth leader and enjoyed rowing.


Expertise Details

Interpersonal risk; Communication; Behavioural Inhibition; Safety; Organisational Culture


Von Humboldt College Honours Certificate