Miss Lisa Whitelaw

Miss Lisa Whitelaw

PhD student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Key Expertise
Organisational psychology, Entrepreneurship

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PhD title: The Everyday Life of Innovation

I am a fourth year part-time PhD student conducting my thesis as part of my work as an Organisational Development and Innovation Specialist at Thales UK Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI). Thales UK is part of Thales Group, a leading multinational technology organisation.

In a longitudinal ethnographic case study I explore the micro-dynamics of how disruptive innovation processes unfold at an incumbent organisation. Drawing on organisational entrepreneurship theory, my research shows organisation-creation tensions, recurrent processes and everyday tactics involved in bringing into being new ways of organising associated with disruptive innovation at Thales UK. Conducting my research as a full member of the Thales UK RTI team, I shed light on the benefits and challenges of my collaborative research approach to inform future investigations of innovation processes in their emergence. In sharing my experience I aim to encourage others researchers to engage in scholar-practitioner collaborative research arrangements following innovation processes as they unfold in situated industry contexts.

I honed my central thesis interests when I came to London in 2012 to pursue my masters in Organisational and Social Psychology at the LSE. Before returning to academia, I applied my undergraduate training in Chemistry and Business in the Canadian healthcare communications field.

Expertise Details

Organisational entrepreneurship; disruptive innovation; entrepreneuring processes; at-home ethnography; longitudinal case study research; process analysis; practice analysis


Academy of Management Conference Entrepreneurship Division Best Paper

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