Dr Lisa Whitelaw

Dr Lisa Whitelaw

Visiting Fellow

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Key Expertise
Organisational psychology, Entrepreneurship

About me

I am an Organisational Development and Innovation Specialist at Thales UK Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI). In this role I am a facilitator of innovation and organisational development supporting the emergence of new ways of working and organisational agility at Thales. I bring to bear in this work my background in organisational and social psychology, in-depth study of innovation and change processes at Thales, and pracademic experience and network.

I completed my PhD at LSE PBS as part of my role at Thales. In a longitudinal ethnographic case study I investigated in real-time over a period of 3 years the situated development of six potentially disruptive innovation projects on-the-ground as they unfolded at a leading multinational technology company. My research findings complement and expand current understandings of disruptive innovation by providing a contextually situated understanding of organising for disruptive innovation in an incumbent organisation, including detailed understanding of the internal, on-the-ground, unfolding dynamics and how these processes can be supported in their emergence.

My research sheds light on the benefits and challenges of conducting research embedded in industry. In sharing this experience I aim to encourage other researchers to engage in scholar-practitioner collaborative research arrangements following innovation and change processes as they unfold in situated industry contexts.

Lisa is a visiting lecturer on the MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology programme and member of the LSE Organisational Research Group (ORG).

Expertise Details

Organisational entrepreneurship; disruptive innovation; at-home ethnography; longitudinal case study research; process analysis; practice analysis; scholar-practitioner collaborative research


Academy of Management Conference Entrepreneurship Division Best Paper

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