Dr Morgan Tear

Dr Morgan Tear

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

020 7852 3713
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Morgan Tear is a social psychologist working at the intersection of organisational, social, and cultural psychologies. Morgan is presently working with EUROCONTROL to understand how safety culture forms in safety-critical industries. They show that cultural forces (structural and social) regarding power shape how employees view the safety culture of their organisation.

More broadly, Morgan is interested in interpersonal and intergroup dynamics and how they interact across multiple levels of conceptualisation. Morgan's research can be thought of in three main streams:

Safety culture: How do social identities at the national cultural level and the occupational level influence safety culture within an organization? How do broad national cultural values shape the formation of social identities?

Mental health: How is stress perceived by individuals who undergo changes in their social identities?

Violent media: To what extent should there be societal concern regarding media violence? How robust is the violent video game effect?


Expertise Details

Culture; organisational culture; safety culture; media psychology; social psychology; social identity