Miss Cecily Josten

Miss Cecily Josten

PhD student, Research Officer at the LSE Inclusion Initiative

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

English, French, German, Spanish
Key Expertise
Behavioural Economics; Non-cognitive skills; Personality

About me

Cecily is a PhD student in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science and is also a Research Officer in Behavioural Science at The Inclusion Initiative (TII). At TII she contributes to the Inclusive Leaders and AI and the Future of Work Hubs.

Cecily’s research focuses on the impact of interpersonal skills and diversity on labour market outcomes. She researches how interpersonal skills are rewarded differently in the labour market for men and women and how individuals match to jobs based on their characteristics. She is specifically interested in skills that gain importance in the face of increasingly dynamic labour markets that require individuals to quickly adapt to changes in labour demands due to automation. Her background is in Economics and she focuses on using both secondary and experimental data to analyse labour market dynamics.

Cecily has worked in economic consulting for two years prior to joining LSE for a PhD in Behavioural Science. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh and an MSc from the LSE.


  • Brian Abel-Smith Prize: Best dissertation for the MSc in International Health Economics
  • Brian Abel-Smith Prize: Outstanding performance in the MSc International Health Economics


Expertise Details

Behavioural Economics; Non-cognitive skills; Personality; Quantitative Methods; Occupational sorting

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