Dr Andreea Damien

Dr Andreea Damien

Visiting Fellow

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

English, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish
Key Expertise
Entropy, Complexity, Human-Robot Interaction

About me

Andreea’s research lies at the intersection of Physics and Psychology, investigating the link between entropy and complexity in psychological systems. In her work, she adopts and is a proponent of a multidisciplinary, complexity science-based approach both theoretically and methodologically. In parallel to her PhD, Andreea has co-developed a psychometrically validated scale that measures individuals’ perceptions of robots from a range of domains comprising human activity, including work, education, and healthcare, among many others. 

Andreea has been extensively trained in and worked with both quantitative and qualitative research methods, and she is specialised in the former. Furthermore, she has a background in Computer Science and is proficient in various programming languages, including R, MATLAB, and Java. 

Andreea holds a MSc in Human Resources and Organisations (Organisational Behaviour stream) from LSE and a BSc in International Business Administration from Erasmus University in the Netherlands, both awarded Distinctions. She has been named the Winner of The Foundation on Automation and Human Development Prize by LSE for being ranked at the top of her MSc programme. 

In parallel to her degrees, Andreea has worked in multiple roles in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. She is also a former Student Representative for both the Management and the Psychological and Behavioural Science departments at the LSE, as well as a PhD committee member for the latter.


Expertise Details

Entropy; Negentropy; Statistical Mechanics; Complexity; Complexity Science; Cybernetics; Human-Robot Interaction; Organisational Behaviour