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Jet sanders

Dr. Jet Sanders contributes to new publication on refugee & migrant integration

As part of a new publication Responsibility for Refugee and Migrant Integration, Dr. Jet Sanders (with Elzabeth Castle, Karen Tan and Rob Jenkins) explores how behavioural science can be applied to refugee integration, in this case through education and employment, and how behavioural evidence can be used to facilitate drivers of integration.

Access the publication here.


Prof Sandra Jovchelovitch leads new research project in Colombia

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have announced new research projects to address issues facing Colombia’s transition from conflict to peace. Pathways to Reconciliation, led by Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch investigates the impact of Schools for Forgiveness and Reconciliation -ES.PE.RE - on the psychological and social wellbeing of victims of the Colombian conflict.

Read more on the project on the UKRI website and follow the project on Twitter @reconciliaLSECo 

Professor Paul Dolan

Professor Paul Dolan to speak at the Cheltenham Science Festival

On 9 June 2019, 11am - 12pm, Professor Paul Dolan will speak about his new book Happy Ever After: Escaping the Myth of the Perfect Life at the Cheltenham Science Festival. Find out more on the Cheltenham Science Festival website.

Follow this event on Twitter #cheltscifest.


PBS PhD student Joel Suss wins photography prize 

At LSE's 2019 Festival Joel Suss won the photography prize for his image of a Hong Kong urbanscape. Joel wanted to capture what it can feel like to live in a big city full of vibrancy and crowds and yet feel loneliness, anxiety and social dislocation – issues which many people in places like Hong Kong and London can experience.

The LSE Festival 2019 theme was 'New World (Dis)Orders'

Kate Laffan

Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship Awarded

Dr Kate Laffan has been awarded a Marie-Curie Individual Fellowship by the European Commission to study Intention-Behaviour Gaps in Environmentally Significant Consumption Behaviours. 

Kate received her PhD in 2018 from the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, studying issues relating to behaviour, well-being and the environment. Kate continues to carry out research at the intersection of economics and psychology aimed at producing policy-relevant insights which can help to address environmental challenges and promote human wellbeing.  


New study shows a reduction in meat consumption when animals are viewed as "friends"

Dr Frederic Basso and PhD student Feiyang Wang provide evidence that exposure to the metaphor “animals are friends”, generates moral (guilt) feelings in meat consumers, which negatively influences their attitudes toward meat consumption and their behavioral intentions to eat meat.

Anthropomorphizing meat animals through the friendship metaphor could thus facilitate animal protection, reduce meat consumption and, incidentally, promote a more sustainable plant-based diet worldwide. 

Read the article in Appetite here.

Happy ever after

Book Release: Happy Ever After

On Thursday 24th January in an event chaired by Professor Julia Black, Professor Paul Dolan discussed themes from his new book Happy Ever After.  View the webcast from the event here

If you missed the event, an intimate Q&A and book signing session has been scheduled for the 11th of February, 2019. 

sandra jovchelovitch 200x200

UK and Colombian Researchers Working Together for Sustainable Peace

Ten new research projects to address issues facing Colombia’s transition from conflict to peace, including one from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), have been announced by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Pathways to Reconciliation will be led by Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch and Dr Fabio Idrobo, Santa Fe de Bogota Foundation (FSFB). It will investigate the impact of Schools for Forgiveness and Reconciliation -ES.PE.RE - on the psychological and social wellbeing of victims of the Colombian conflict. 

 Read more here. 



Gender Pay Gap Could Get Worse

New research by Dr Grace Lordan shows that girls born in the year 2000 are aspiring to do jobs that are paid 31 per cent lower than males. Boys born in 2000, on the other hand, have higher aspirations than previous male generations in terms of income, to the point where the gender pay gap could actually become larger than it is at present if these aspirations are fulfilled.

Read more here


hospital 1

Patient Complaints Reveal Quality and Safety ‘Blind Spots’ in Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare complaints made by patients can provide unique insight on aspects of healthcare delivery not easily evaluated by hospitals, a new study from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has found. 

Read the article here. 



Job Openings

Want to work for the Psychological and Behavioural Science Department? We have three new job openings. Click through the below links to view and apply;


Dr Michael Muthukrishna

Entrepreneurship Research: Dr. Michael Muthukrishna

New research lead by Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, Dr. Michael Muthukrishna, has shown that rates of entrepreneurship are higher in some countries than others and it may be because they are generally less risk-averse and more overconfident.

Read the article here.


Dr IlkaGleibs 200x200

Podcast: Dr. Ilka Gleibs Discusses the Psychology Behind Diversity

Professor Dr. Ilka Gleibs discusses on the CB On Air podcast why people need to stop blaming women’s behaviour for a lack of diversity within economics and central banking. 

For the full podcast click here. 


Sophie_Von_Stumm_200x200 new

ESRC Grant Assessment Panel Appointment

Associate Professor Dr Sophie von Stumm  has been appointed to the ESRC grant assessment panel D, which looks after projects on secondary data analysis.

"I am delighted for the opportunity to serve on an ESRC grant assessment panel”, said Dr Von-Stumm. “And to help ensure that the ESRC funds high quality research with academic, economic and societal impact."

"I am particularly excited to serve on the panel that considers proposals for projects on secondary data analysis. Secondary data analysis is key to tackling the challenges that social science faces today”.

The appointment is for 2 years in the first instance, during which the panel will meet 8 times and fund approximately 30 projects. Congratulations to Sophie!

To submit a proposal click here. 


Brett Heasman

ESRC Celebrating Impact Awards

At the ESRC Celebrating Impact Awards, PHD student Brett Heasman won the Future Promise Prize and was named runner-up of the Outstanding Early Career Impact award. Congratulations to Brett whose work has helped improve public understanding of autism.

Read more


Professor martin_bauer

Professor Martin W Bauer elected a Fellow of acatech

Congratulations to Professor Dr Martin W Bauer, LSE Psychology and Behavioural Science Department Professor of Social Psychology, who has been newly elected a Fellow of Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften [German Academy of Technical Sciences; acatech].

Acatech recognises life-long scientific achievements, and Professor Bauer belongs to a group of only 26 scientists who were elected as new members in 2017.

Members of acatech support policy-makers and society in various inter-disciplinary projects, providing qualified technical evaluations and forward looking recommendations on topics that stretch from energy, digitalisation, new mobility, AI to Industry 4.0. 


Frederic Basso 200x200

2018 LSE Student-Led Teaching Awards

Congratulations to Assistant Professor in Social Psychology and Economic Psychology, Frederic Basso, who received the Highly Commended, Inspirational Teaching Award at the LSE Student-led Teaching Excellence Awards. The event recognises and celebrates those who have helped shape students education and staff members who have made a difference to their time at LSE. "I am proud to receive this commendation", said Basso. "And would like to take the opportunity to thank all my amazing students. It continues to be a real pleasure to work with them each and every year". 



Diet choice research: Dr Dario Krpan

Research by Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, Dr Dario Krpan, has shown that frequent vegetarian meal eaters are less likely to select a vegetarian dish when presented with a separate section for this in a menu.

Read the article here.



PBS PhD candidate Nihan Albayrak wins LSE Festival Popular Prize

On Friday 23 February 2018, PhD candidate Nihan Albayrak was awarded the LSE Festival Popular Prize for her work on the ways in which we help the victims of global disasters. You can read an abstract from Nihan's work on the LSE Festival website.

Find out more about Nihan on our website



Open day: Find out about our new BSc

In Autumn 2018, applications for our new BSc in Psychological and Behavioural Science will open. You can find out more about this exciting and unique undergraduate programme from our faculty on 11 April 2018. There are two presentations to choose from:

11 April 2018, 12.15 - 1pm and 2.45 - 3.30pm in Room 4.02, Clement House (CLM) [Map here]

 Book your place at the open day here.


Ashley Whillans

Behavioural Science Hub Seminar: Ashley Whillans 

On November 30th, Ashley Whillans spoke at the Behavioural Science Hub Seminar and presented her work, entitled "Exchanging cents for seconds: The happiness benefits of choosing time over money". Watch her presentation here:


Ashley Whillans Ashley Whillans


Installation Theory copyright image

Book release: Installation Theory 

On Wednesday 18th October in an event chaired by Dame Shirley Pearce, Professor Saadi Lahlou discussed themes from new and soon to be released book Installation Theory: The Societal Construction and Regulation of Behaviour.

Listen to the audio from the event here.

Read the first chapter of Saadi's book, Installation Theory here.


sandra jovchelovitch 200x200

Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch to speak on importance of schools and parents in childhood and adolescent learning

On 4th October 2017, LSE Latin America and Caribbean Centre (LACC) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) hosted the conference Skills for Development in a Changing World. Prof. Sandra Jovchelovitch spoke as part of a panel discussion on learning during childhood and adolescence, drawing on years of fascinating research. 

Find out about the conference.

Read (free e-book) Underground Sociabilities by Sandra Jovchelovitch.

Look through 'Bottom-up social development toolkit'.



Previous news


Dr Michael Muthukrishna

Recent publication in nature human behaviour

Dr. Michael Muthukrishna has recently published research on the dynamics of corruption, Corrupting Cooperation and How Anti-Corruption Strategies May Backfire Data. This research demonstrates that transparency only reduces corruption in certain circumstances: if economic opportunities exist or if the state has the strength and resources to punish law-breakers. If neither of these circumstances is present, transparency is ineffective—or can even make things worse.

Read more

Read paper


Important study on autistic perspectives published in the international journal Autism

In the first study of its kind, Brett Heasman (PBS PhD student) and Dr. Alex Gillespie used a two-way measure of perspective-taking to show that 'neurotypical' people struggle to imagine autistic perspectives, bringing attention to the many activities, such as job interviews, that rely on how autistic people are seen by others. 

Read study

Dr Jana Uher speaking at an LSE public lecture on personality

Dr. Jana Uher presents research in public lecture

How do we judge others? Are people judged differently for the same things?

Watch presentation


Dr. Philippe Fauquet-Alekhine honoured as ISBS Fellow and Life Member

Congratulations to PBS research student Dr. Philippe Fauquet-Alekhine who has been honoured as ISBS Fellow and Life Member, the highest honour bestowed by the International Stress and Behavior Society (ISBS) for his work on the mental stress of teams operating complex systems such as nuclear reactors & aircrafts.


Congratulations to our teaching award winners

We're so proud of everyone in our department who was recognised on Wednesday evening for their exceptional teaching and student mentorship. Winners included graduate teaching assistants, Brett Heasman and Sandra Obradovic, as well as faculty members, Ilka Gleibs and Frederic Basso, and visiting fellow, Cathy Nicholson. Congratulations to you all!

Mentoring Scheme Form

PBS  Mentoring Scheme  

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  • The degree I completed at LSE is;
  • PBS will use the information above to process your application for mentoring and match you based on the information you have provided. We require this data for contractual reasons. You can ask the School to stop processing your application by contacting The data does not leave the UK/EU. Further information on how the School manages personal data can be found on the website.


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