Examples of dissertations

by previous MSc Social Research Methods students

  • Migrant fertility in England and Wales: Measuring fertility convergence
    Ben Wilson
  • Are Tea Party supporters in Texas more supportive of education spending if undocumented immigrants are taken out of the equation? 
    Melissa Shannon
  • Experience sampling of stress in a single-subject research design
    Ulrich Atz
  • The question of happiness: Measuring subjective well-being in context
    Adam Christmas
  • Roma lack of participation in the labour market: A mixed methods approach
    Maria Andreea Moise
  • Voting after the Crash: The Financial Crisis and the British general election of 2010
    Bernard Domenichini
  • Gender Discourse Analysis in and through comics
    Despoina Laskari
  • Who blames the poor? Examining the predictors of individual-oriented blame-based poverty attributions across the European Union
    Monika Maminskaite
  • The structure of bias in the reporting of Africa's Civil Conflicts in the UK press
    Katharine Parry
  • Voices of the people: Exploring the links between education and militancy in Pakistan
    Salma Omar
  • Improving the comparability of life satisfaction responses
    Hande Yilmaz