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 Longxuan Zhao

Longxuan Zhao

Visiting Research Student

Department of Methodology

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English, Mandarin
Key Expertise
Digital Technologies, Sexuality, Media Sociology

About me

Longxuan is a Visiting Research Student in Social Research Methods supervised by Audrey Alejandro, and he is now a third-year PhD candidate in Sociology supervised by Wei Wei at East China Normal University.

Prior to that, Longxuan received his B.A. in Journalism from Renmin University of China and his M.Sc. in Gender, Media and Culture from the London School of Economics and Political Science; he also undertook an exchange program at the Department of Communication Studies at Chung Cheng University in Taiwan.

Longxuan’s research focuses on gay men’s media practices in digital platforms and explores the interaction between the two based on a human-environmental perspective. His papers have revealed how gay men in China are appropriating space for empowerment in a constrained environment, while describing the interactions that have emerged within them that differ from traditional scripts in the field of interpersonal communication.

Longxuan’s doctoral thesis project will take a multi-methods approach – including algorithmic ethnography, walkthrough method, semi-structured interviews, discourse analysis, and thematic analysis – to explore the relationship between algorithmic technologies and Chinese gay men.


Longxuan Zhao & Cong Lin (2022) Youths in the "black box": algorithmic awareness, algorithmic attitudes, and algorithmic manipulation in a college student population (in Chinese), China Youth Study, No.317(07), 20-30.

Longxuan Zhao & Chuanhong Chu (2022) Queer attention matters: a study on affordance from queer male media practices on Zhihu, Chinese Journal of Communication, 15:1, 34-53.

Longxuan Zhao, Jiacheng Liu & Zhanghao Li (2022) Online Dating Beyond Dating Apps: An Exploration of the Self-Presentation of Chinese Gay Men Dating on Zhihu, International Journal of Communication, 16, 2220-2238.