Imre Bard

Imre Bard

Research student

Department of Methodology

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English, German, Hungarian
Key Expertise
AI ethics, Neuroethics, Science and technology, Philosophy of technology

About me

Imre Bárd is a PhD candidate in Social Research Methods supervised by Professor Patrick Sturgis and Dr Flora Cornish.

Imre is also a Research Officer at the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE. He works on the JUST AI project, an AHRC-funded initiative run jointly by the LSE and the Ada Lovelace Institute. In JUST AI, he works mainly on mapping and analysing the UK AI ethics landscape.He studied Philosophy in Vienna and holds an MSc in Biomedicine and Society from the LSE. His doctoral work looks at human enhancement technologies and draws on quantitative and qualitative methods to understand how different values inform public attitudes.

Imre has worked on a variety of projects, including an EU FP7 effort studying the ethical acceptability and social desirability of neuro-enhancement technologies, and he has conducted freelance research for Nesta on AI governance and innovation-enabling regulatory approaches, as well as the University of British Columbia on the neuroethics of augmented reality. He recently co-edited a volume on the ethical dimensions of commercial and DIY neurotechnologies. Imre is passionate about new forms of facilitating societal reflection on desirable futures and he is the founder of Hack the Senses, a design collective at the interface of the arts and the sciences.