Brandon Green

Brandon Green

PhD student

Department of Methodology

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Key Expertise
Reflexivity, Discourse analysis, Ethnography

About me

Brandon is a PhD candidate in Social Research Methods supervised by Dr Audrey Alejandro.

Brandon’s research project is focused on the International Organization for Migration (IOM), its position in the global migration governance ecosystem and how its unique discourses and practices impact, and are in-turn impacted, by other entities in this field. To do so, Brandon is developing methodologies for mixed methods text and discourse analysis combined with participant ethnographies to establish connections between global discourses and individual bureaucratic practices. Specifically, his project will leverage quantitative and natural language processing text analysis tools to assist qualitative discourse analysis of the numerous texts IOM produces every year. Employing ethnographic methods, he will then work to understand how these discourses are practised in the everyday life of those working at IOM. Simultaneously, his research is informed by questions of academic knowledge production and discourse, including his own, and how these impact objects of study and, ultimately, mobile people. 

Prior to coming to the LSE, Brandon received his Master’s in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action from Sciences Po - Paris (2021) where he specialized in Migrations and Research Methods; and a BA (summa cum laude) in International Studies with a Minor in History from the University of Colorado - Denver (2018) with concentration in Human Rights, Peace & Security. His professional experience includes years working in ambulance/emergency medical services; as a paralegal; and internships, volunteering, and consulting with the non-profit Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking; all in Denver, Colorado.  

Brandon’s research is funded by the LSE PhD Studentship. 

Expertise Details

Forced migration; Global governance; Reflexivity; Text & discourse analysis; Participant ethnography