Dr Joshua Townsley

Dr Joshua Townsley

LSE Fellow

Department of Methodology

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Key Expertise
Quantitative methods, Experiments, Surveys, Political behaviour, Campaigns

About me

Joshua Townsley is an LSE Fellow in Quantitative Methodology at the Department of Methodology. Prior to joining LSE, he was Deputy Head of Insight and Data at the UK Liberal Democrats. Joshua has also helped develop major impact projects designed to improve political information and transparency – including the voting information website Democratic Dashboard  and the University of Nottingham’s citizen science project OpenElections.

Joshua received his PhD in political science from the University of Kent in 2019. Before that, he received a Research Masters (MRes) from the University of Nottingham and a BSc in Politics and Economics from the University of Bath. Joshua’s methodological expertise is in quantitative and experimental research. 

For more information, see Joshua's website.

Research Interests

Joshua’s academic research focuses on the behavioural effects of interactions between citizens and political campaigns. This includes the effect of campaigns on political engagement, the nature of political decision-making, campaign messaging, and the broader drivers of political behaviour.

Expertise Details

Quantitative methods; Experiments; Surveys; Political behaviour; Campaigns


  • Townsley, Joshua (forthcoming). Is it worth door-knocking? Evidence from a UK-based GOTV field experiment on the effect of leaflets and canvass visits on voter turnout. Political Science Research and Methods [link] [summary].
  • Turnbull-Dugarte, Stuart and Joshua Townsley (forthcoming). Political engagement and turnout among same-sex couples in Western Europe. Research & Politics.
  • Trumm, Siim, Caitlin Milazzo, and Joshua Townsley (forthcoming). The 2016 referendum: Explaining support for Brexit among would-be MPs. Political Studies [link] [summary].
  • Milazzo, Caitlin, Siim Trumm, and Joshua Townsley (forthcoming). Crowdsourcing campaigns: A new dataset for studying British parties’ electoral communications. Political Studies Review [link].
  • Townsley, Joshua and Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte (2020). Can parties recruit postal voters? Experimental evidence from Britain. Electoral Studies 64(1) [link] [summary].
  • Townsley, Joshua (2020). Drowned out by the noise? The downstream mobilisation effects of party campaigning between local and general elections. Journal of Experimental Political Science 7(3): 188-198 [link].
  • Milazzo, Caitlin and Joshua Townsley (2020). Conceived in Harlesden: Candidate-centred campaigning in British general elections. Parliamentary Affairs 73(1): 127-146 [link] [summary].
  • Trumm, Siim, Laura Sudulich, and Joshua Townsley (2017). Information effect on voter turnout: How campaign spending mobilises voters. Acta Politica 52(4): 461-478 [link] [summary].