Dr Edward Ademolu

Dr Edward Ademolu

LSE Fellow in Qualitative Research Methodology

Department of Methodology

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Key Expertise
Qualitative Methods; Diaspora; Postcolonial Discourse

About me

Dr Edward Ademolu is an LSE Fellow in Qualitative Research Methodology in the Department of Methodology. Prior to joining LSE, he completed a PhD in Development Policy and Management (International Development) in 2018 at the Global Development Institute (GDI) – The University of Manchester, where he is also an Honorary Research Fellow. He is an interdisciplinary scholar and qualitative methodologist with particular expertise in the fields of International Development, Diaspora and Media.

Using a range of qualitative methodologies including in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, online-ethnography, photo-elicitation and discourse analysis; Edward’s PhD generated insights into critical questions concerning the role that visual representations of Africa (and communities therein) in NGO fundraising advertising has for the multiple and contradictory ways in which British communities of Nigerian heritage comprehend, associate with and engage in Nigeria and continental Africa more generally.

Following his PhD, Edward worked as an Independent Academic Consultant in the NGO/Development sector on commissioned projects, partnering with international charities including, Oxfam (GB), where he made important policy contributions to ‘imagery and portrayal’.

Currently, he is converting his PhD thesis into journal articles.

Research interests

Edward’s research agenda is broadly in the areas of International Development, NGO communications, media representations, 'identity' and Diaspora. Particularly, how different publics understand and engage in International Development via charity imageries. Methodologically, he is interested in qualitative research methodologies for the Social Sciences.

Expertise Details

Qualitative Research and Methods; Diaspora; Identities; International Development; Postcolonial Discourse

Selected Publications

Edward Ademolu (2021) A pictured Africa: drawing as a visual qualitative research methodology for examining British African Diaspora imaginings of their ancestral ‘home’, Visual Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1472586X.2021.1942187

Edward Ademolu (2020) ‘An outward sign of an inward grace’: how African diaspora religious identities shape their understandings of and engagement in international development, Identities, DOI: 10.1080/1070289X.2020.1813462

Edward Ademolu (2019) Seeing and Being the Visualised 'Other': Humanitarian Representations and hybridity in African Diaspora identities, Identities, DOI: 10.1080/1070289X.2019.1686878

Edward Ademolu & Siobhan Warrington (2019) Who Gets to Talk About NGO Images of Global Poverty?, Photography and Culture, DOI: 10.1080/17514517.2019.1637184

John Barker, Edward Ademolu, Sophie Bowlby & Steve Musson (2019) Youth transitions: mobility and the travel intentions of 12–20 year olds, Reading, UK, Children's Geographies, 17:4, 442-453, DOI: 10.1080/14733285.2018.1543853