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Auditing in the Department of Methodology

Auditing applications for Michaelmas Term Methodology courses are now closed. Please check back in early January 2021 for Lent Term course auditing options.

Who can audit in the Department of Methodology?

Registered LSE students and staff may audit certain courses in the Department of Methodology.

Non-LSE students are not permitted to audit courses and should instead register as an Intercollegiate Student.  

What is auditing? 

Auditing allows someone to attend online seminars of certain courses but without submitting assessed coursework or sitting a final examination. The course is not taken for credit and details of audited course do not appear on transcripts. An auditor may receive feedback on formative homework that is submitted in computer classes (MY451, MY452 and MY465). We expect auditors to attend all online seminars/classes where possible to avoid disruption to classes.

What can I audit?

Students are welcome to attend the passive parts of our courses, i.e. recorded lectures on Moodle and any self-directed exercises. All Methodology Moodle pages are open access and lecture recordings will be posted there, therefore students do not need to seek permission to audit lectures only

Auditors may attend online seminar groups of courses that allow auditing. No auditors are allowed in face-to-face class groups or online parts of hybrid groups. 

Please keep in mind that policy for auditing vary between courses and students may not be able to audit online seminars in some courses for pedagogical reasons. Please check the Moodle pages of the course you are considering auditing to know more about the auditing policy.

Please note that timetables of Lent Term courses are subject to change as the School is planning Lent Term teaching.

How do I apply to audit a course? 

Methodology auditing applications are now closed and we no longer accept auditing requests for Michaelmas Term 2020. Please check back in early Lent Term for Lent Term courses auditing options.

What happens next? 

Auditing places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Our priority will always be to students who are taking a course for credit and we unfortunately cannot guarantee a place as an auditor. Once we have gathered the data from the Qualtrics survey, and if a place is available, we will endeavour to get in touch with you via email as soon as we can confirm your place. If you wish to audit a Lent Term course (annotated with ‘LT’), you will hear from us in early Lent Term.