Dr Georg Loho

Dr Georg Loho

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Department of Mathematics

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Key Expertise
Optimisation, Discrete Structures

About me

I completed my PhD in Mathematics at TU Berlin in 2017, under the supervision of Michael Joswig in the group Discrete Mathematics / Geometry with an emphasis on tropical combinatorics.

In 2018, I was a post-doc in the Discrete Optimization group of Friedrich Eisenbrand at EPF Lausanne. In February 2019, I joined LSE as a post-doc on the ERC project ScaleOpt of László Vegh.

I like to identify discrete structures which encode the core of a problem. This can be tropical analogues of polyhedral objects, matroids, graphs, lattices etc. that help to find more efficient algorithmic solutions or to demonstrate that those cannot exist.

Expertise Details

Optimisation; Discrete Structures