Women in Mathematics Seminar 7

The Department of Mathematics held the seventh seminar in the ‘Women in Mathematics’ series on Tuesday 26th November during the PPD Seminar.

"Women in Mathematics" is an academic, professional and personal development seminar series presented by leading female mathematicians to offer support, encouragement and advice to female staff and students.  It also provides an informal networking opportunity.

The theme of Seminar 7 was "Early Careers of Women in Mathematics"

Early Careers of Women in Mathematics Early Careers of Women in Mathematics
Early Careers of Women in Mathematics


Three speakers discussed why they decided to study Mathematics, their experiences during their studies (including possible challenges and how they overcame them), their next career steps and the application process after their studies and their ideas for the future.


Kate Shilina: a Masters student in Department of Geography and Environment at LSE

Angela Jiang: an Analyst for a quantitative hedge fund name Quadrature Capital

Cathryn Masters: a third year Bachelor student in the Mathematics Department with a job offer from HSBC

For further information or enquiries about the seminar series please contact: womeninmaths@maths.lse.ac.uk

Acknowledgements: The Women in Mathematics seminars have been supported by funding from the LSE Teaching and Learning Development Fund.