Women in Mathematics Seminar 3

The Department of Mathematics held the third seminar in the ‘Women in Mathematics’ series on Wednesday 18 October 2017. 

"Women in Mathematics" is an academic, professional and personal development seminar series presented by leading female mathematicians to offer support, encouragement and advice to female staff and students.  It also provides an informal networking opportunity.

Speaker: Dr Eugenie Hunsicker

Dr Hunsicker is London Mathematical Society Women in Mathematics Chair and senior lecturer in mathematics at Loughborough University. Before this she studied at the University of Chicago, where she received a dissertation fellowship from the American Association of University Women.

She went on to become an associate professor of mathematics at Lawrence University in Wisconsin before moving to the UK. A strong advocate for women in maths, she is an active member of the London Mathematical Society and the Royal Statistical Society.

Dr Hunsicker talked through her career and the different steps she took to get to her current position. She touched on topics such as studying, mental health, career in teaching, research, family life and women in mathematics.

The open discussion at the end of the session gave the audience an opportunity to have further conversation about areas of Dr Eugenie Hunsicker’s journey that interested them the most.

Presentation, Dr Eugenie Hunsicker Presentation, Dr Eugenie Hunsicker
Presentation, Dr Eugenie Hunsicker

 For further information or enquiries about the seminar series please contact: womeninmaths@maths.lse.ac.uk

Acknowledgements: The Women in Mathematics seminars are supported by funding from the LSE Teaching and Learning Development Fund.