Racism and the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota

Statements from outgoing and incoming III directors Mike Savage and Francisco Ferreira

The police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota has exposed the brutality of racism in the United States, and highlights the need to stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter. This is a defining moment in demonstrating the need to confront historic institutional racism and to tackle racial injustice across the globe. As outgoing and incoming Directors of the LSE’s International Inequalities Institute, we stress our commitment to this cause. We recognise that the III has not confronted racism in its work effectively enough in the past, and that we need to do far more in the future. As white men, we recognise that we have also been complicit in these inequalities, and we need to demonstrate our commitment to supporting #BlackLivesMatter from our positions of privilege.

We append below our longer statements which outline how our past and future work may be of use in the struggles ahead. 

Mike Savage: Confronting racial injustice in 2020


Francisco Ferreira: What does the police killing of George Floyd mean for LSE’s International Inequalities Institute?