Dr Konstantina Maragkou

Dr Konstantina Maragkou

Visiting Research Fellow

Department of International History

About me

Konstantina is a Contemporary Historian, who has taught for a number of years at Yale University and the LSE. Following studies at Cambridge University, she undertook a number of fellowships at LSE, NYU, Princeton and Yale during which she wrote several articles and a forthcoming book on Anglo-Greek relations during the Colonels regime, all of which were funded by several grants. Her current project derives from research pursued during her recent tenure as a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellow and deals with the fascinating subject of Human Rights history; more specifically, it investigates the impact of the Greek Colonels’ abusive regime on the emboldening of the international human rights regime.

Expertise Details

History of Cold War; Human Rights; Post-1945 Europe; Modern Greece



• ‘The Beckets and the Colonels: A study in the micro-evolution of global human rights activism in the ‘long 1960s’, in Evanthis Hatzivassiliou et al., The Greek Dictatorship and the International System: A Case Study of Southern European Military Juntas (Routledge Cold War Series, Autumn 2019)

• Chapter contribution to the 'NATO at 70’ volume edited by Linda Risso (Routledge, forthcoming May 2019)

• Light against darkness: The Council of Europe and the Greek Colonels (in Greek), (Athens, Ekdoseis Patakis, Autumn 2018)


• Kathimerini (Greece’s main daily morning newspaper with an English edition), 16/07/2017

• The relevance of the 1970s détente to American foreign policy: the case of Greece’, Diplomacy and Statecraft, Volume 25, Issue 4, 2014

• From Detente to Afghanistan: NATO’s second-generation challenges (in Greek), Diethnis kai Evropaiki Politiki (International and European Policy), Vol. 17, Jan.-March 2010

• ‘British reactions to “the rape of Greek Democracy”’:  Journal of Contemporary History, January 2010, Volume 45, No. 1

• ‘Anglo-American attitudes towards Konstantinos Karamanlis during the Greek Colonels’ regime’, Athens, Ekdoseis Roi, 2009

• ‘Favoritism in NATO’s southern flank: the case of the Greek Colonels, 1967-1974’: Cold War History, Vol. 9, Issue 3, 2009

• ‘Anglo-Greek relations in the 1960s’ (in Greek), Athens, Ekdoseis Papazisi, 2009

Recently submitted articles

• The Council of Europe and the Greek Colonels’ regime: a test of democracy and human rights

• From hard politics to human rights: Albert Sherer, the CSCE and the transformation of US foreign policy

Work in progress

• International politics and the Greek Colonels: any role for Human Rights?

• The Greek human rights crisis, the anti-torture campaign and the rise of global standards