Professor Alexander  Nützenadel

Professor Alexander Nützenadel

Gerda Henkel Visiting Professor

Department of International History

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Thursday, 5pm to 7pm
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English, French, German, Italian
Key Expertise
Modern European History, Economic and Social History

About me

Alexander Nützenadel is Professor of Economic and Social History at Humboldt University Berlin and the current Gerda Henkel Visiting Professor at the LSE and the German Historical Institute London in 2021/2022.

His main research interests lie in European Economic History in the twentieth century. He specialises in financial history, the history of economic expertise, and the political economy of fascism in comparative perspective.

He is currently working on three projects: a book on the evolution of economic expectations since the nineteenth century (together with Jochen Streb), a study on banking regulation since the 1930s and a comparative analysis of economic conflict and the rise of right-wing populism in Europe between the two World Wars. He also directs the Priority Program PP 1859 ‘Experiences and Expectations: Historical Foundations of Economic Behavior’ (funded by the German Research Foundation, in cooperation with Jochen Streb).

Professor Nützenadel studied for his undergraduate degree in History and Economics at the University of Göttingen, before he was a doctoral fellow at the German Historical Institute in Rome. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cologne in 1995 and held visiting appointments at Columbia University (New York), the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (Wassenaar) and the University of Bologna. He joined Humboldt University Berlin in 2009.


Professor Alexander Nützenadel is the 2021/22 Gerda Henkel Visiting Professor


Expertise Details

European History; Comparative Fascism; Economic Populism and Financial History


Professor Alexander Nützenadel teaches the following course in the Department:

At postgraduate level:

HY4A6: Technocracy, Social Engineering and Politics in the Era of the World Wars, 1914-1945

HY458: LSE-Columbia University Double Degree Dissertation


Recent Publications:

  • "The financial crisis of 2008 — Experience, memory, history", in: Journal of Modern European History (=Forum: The Financial Crisis and Its Legacies), 19,1 (2021), p. 1-5
  • Deutsche Bank. The Global Hausbank 1870-2020, London: Bloomsbury 2020 (with Catherine Schenk and Werner Plumpe)
  • "State, Banks and the Financialization of Sovereign Debt in Italy since the 1970s", in: Nicolas Barreyre, Nicolas Delalande (eds.), World of Public Debts: A Political History, Basingstoke 2020, p. 405-25
  • Bureaucracy, Work and Violence. The Reich Ministry of Labour in Nazi Germany, 1933–1945, Oxford/New York: Berghahn 2020 (ed.)
  • "Transformation in Interbellum Fascist Europe, in: Wolfgang Merkel/Hans-Jürgen Wagener" (eds.), Handbook Transformation, Oxford 2018, p. 270-279
  • The Political Economy of Public Finances. Taxation, State Spending and Debt since the 1970s, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2017 (ed. with Marc Buggeln and Martin Daunton)
  • "Memories of Crisis. The Great Depression and the German Economic Debate after 1945", in: Thomas Lindenberger and Martin Sabrow (eds.), German Zeitgeschichte. Konturen eines Forschungsfeldes, Göttingen 2016, p. 193-209