Dr Rosalind  Coffey

Dr Rosalind Coffey

PhD Alumna and Guest Teacher

Department of International History

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On Zoom: Wednesday, 9am to 10am
Key Expertise
Modern African History, British Empire History, Modern British History

About me

My area of expertise lies at the intersection of African history, British colonial history, and media history.  My research is about the links between British newspaper coverage of Africa during the period of decolonisation and broader political, social and cultural aspects of the process.  I have a PhD in International History from the LSE, where I teach a course on the history of the extra-European world during the twentieth century, and until this year, a policy-oriented course on contemporary global affairs. At SOAS, I have convened courses on the history of Africa from the birth of civilisations to the present day, society and culture in twentieth-century Africa, slavery in West Africa, and gender.

Expertise Details

Newspapers; Public Opinion; Decolonisation


Dr Rosalind Coffey teaches the following courses.

At undergraduate level:

HY113 - From Empire to Independence: The Extra-European World in the Twentieth Century