Mr Ben Sayle

PhD Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of International History

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Key Expertise
British History, World War One, International History

About me

I was an undergraduate student at LSE on the Government and History degree, pursued an MA at KCL in Contemporary British History, and am now working under Professor David Stevenson's supervision.

Ben was co-convener for the HY509 PhD and early career research seminar in 2019/20.

Provisional thesis title

'The Radical Autoritaire' The Edwardian Radical Right 1903-1923

It focuses on the right-wing factions of the Unionist Party in Britain; making an overview of their pre-1903 history, their attempts to influence Unionist and national policy before the war, their response and perspectives on the crises of Edwardian society, their wartime activities 1914-1918, and the causes for their decline in the post-war era. It will seek to use comparisons to counterparts in states including France, Germany, and Japan and sources including private papers, periodicals of the time, and Hansard speeches to display that this faction held a coherent platform and were not 'swamped' in 1911-1914 as often supposed, but instead influenced party and national politics going into the First World War and beyond.



Expertise Details

British History; World War One; International History


Ben teaches the following course at undergraduate level:

HY116 - International Politics since 1914: Peace and War