Mr William Mitchell

Mr William Mitchell

PhD Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of International History

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On Zoom: Friday, 3pm to 4pm
Key Expertise
Europe, Glorious Revolution, Party, London, Whig, Tory

About me

I completed my Bachelor’s degree at LSE, and did my Masters under the auspices of the Europaeum, studying at Leiden, the Sorbonne, and Oxford. I arrived at LSE for my PhD in 2018.

My thesis is being supervised by Dr Paul Stock. My provisional thesis title is The Idea of Europe in Williamite Whig Thought & Politics, 1685-1705. I'm looking at how the Whigs who aligned themselves closely to William III’s regime thought of Europe, and how they used that idea in their political practice. I study how this idea intersected with these figures’ broader understanding of political economy, geo-strategy, and identity.

More broadly, I’m interested in how the early modern English agreed political truths, following the fraught replacement of court-arbitrated truths with those decided by factions, newspapers, parliaments, and other institutions associated with the public sphere.

Provisional thesis title

The Idea of Europe in Williamite Whig Thought & Politics, 1685-1705

Expertise Details

Europe; Glorious Revolution; Party; London; Whig; Tory


William teaches the following course at undergraduate level:

HY118 - Faith, Power and Revolution: Europe and the Wider World, c.1500-c.1800



LSE PhD Scholarship, 2018-2022