Dr Alexandra  Medzibrodszky

Dr Alexandra Medzibrodszky

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Department of International History

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On Zoom: Wednesday, 12.30pm to 1.30pm
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Key Expertise
Russian and European Intellectual History, Global Political Thought

About me

I completed my PhD in Comparative History at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. I hold Masters degrees in Russian Studies (Eötvös Loránd University) and in Central European History (Central European University). My research has been supported by various fellowships and grants around the world. I was awarded the Reese Miller International Exchange Scholarship by the Telluride Association and a place in the Provost’s International Research Internship Program to carry out research at Cornell University in the USA. My last year of doctoral studies was spent at the Institute of European History in Mainz and at Trinity Hall at the University of Cambridge.

My main research interest is Russian and European intellectual history. My dissertation, “Orthodox Political Theologies: Clergy, Intelligentsia and Social Christianity in Revolutionary Russia” reconstructed the intellectual history of the Orthodox Left during the hectic revolutionary years in late Imperial Russia and restored the historical intelligibility of failed social Christian projects by interpreting them in the framework of Orthodox political theologies. The research contributed to the study of comparative history, global intellectual history and secularism studies. My research will be published as a book chapter in a forthcoming volume titled Religion and the Russian Revolution by Indiana University Press. I am also interested in methodological questions of the history of global political thought. I coordinated two successful workshops at the Central European University that promoted research on non-Western intellectual contexts with the participation of an interdisciplinary group of scholars.


Expertise Details

Russian and European Intellectual History;  Soviet History; Global Political Thought


Alexandra teaches the following course at undergraduate level:

HY221 - The History of Russia, 1676-1825


Journal articles

  • “Mozhet-li khristianin stat’ sotsialistom? (Ne)primirimost’ khristianstva i sotsializma v revoliutsionnoi Rossii” [Can a Christian be a socialist? The (ir)reconcilability of Christianity and socialism in revolutionary Russia]. Gosudarstvo, religiia, tserkov’ v Rossii i za rubezhom 1-2 (2019): 516-540.
  • “Immanentnii i transtsendentnii apokalipsis: eschatologicheskie vzgliady N. F. Fedorova i N. A. Berdiaeva” [Immanent and transcendent apocalypse: eschatological views by N.F. Fedorov and N. A. Berdyaev]. Slavica, Annales Instituti Slavici Universitatis Debreceniensis XLIII (2014): 105-113.
  • “A deontológiai prioritás: Gondolatrokonság Ny. F. Fjodorov és a „korai szlavofilizmus” képviselői között” [The priority of deontology: Similarities between the ideas of N. F. Fyodorov and representatives of “early Slavophilism”]. Slavia Centralis (SCN) 6 no. 2 (2013): 53-64.


Book chapters

  • “Can a Christian be a Socialist? the (Ir)reconcilability of Christianity and Socialism in Revolutionary Russia.” In Religion and Russian Revolution. Indiana University Press, forthcoming 2020.
  • “Sokféleség az egységben: Konsztantyin Leontyjev és a bizánci birodalmi eszme [Diversity in unity: Konstantin Leont’ev and the Byzantine imperial idea]. In Az orosz birodalom születései [The Birth(s) of the Russian Empire], 201-213. Gondolat, 2016.
  • “Az „árja” szlávok és a „turáni” muszkoviták: F. Duchiński teóriája és kritikai visszhangja” [“Arian” Slavs and “Turanic” Muscovites: F. Duchiński’s theory and critical responses]. In A mi Ruszisztikánk (Tanulmányok a 20/25. évfordulóra), edited by Gyula Szvák, 35-46. Russica Pannonica, 2015.


Conference papers

  • “Alexander Bogdanov and the Sociology of Knowledge.” In Russian Studies in History in the 21st Century. Materials of the 10th International Conference at the Centre for Russian Studies in Budapest, May 18–19, 2015, edited by Gyula Szvák, 287-294. Russica Pannonicana, 2017.
  • “Ideas of Progress at Turn-of-the-century Russia: S. N. Bulgakov.” In Alternatives, Turning Points and Regime Changes in Russian History and Culture, edited by Gyula Szvák,231-240. Russica Pannonicana, 2015.


Book reviews

  • Review of The Power of Language and Rhetoric in Russian Political History: Charismatic Words from the 18th to the 21st Centuries, by Richard Wortman. In European Review of History: Revue Européenne d'histoire 26, no. 3 (2019): 547-549.
  • Review of Beyond the Monastery Walls: The Ascetic Revolution in Russian Orthodox Thought, 1814-1914, by Patrick Lally Michelson. In Ab Imperio 2 (2018): 255-260.
  • Review of The Radical Right in Late Imperial Russia. Dreams of a true fatherland?, by George Gilbert. In Europe-Asia Studies 70, no. 2 (2018): 301-303.
  • Review of Russia's Path toward Enlightenment: Faith, Politics, and Reason, 1500–1801 by Gary M. Hamburg. In Global Intellectual History 3, no. 3 (2018): 354-357.
  • Review of Obshchestvennost’ and Civic Agency in Late Imperial and Soviet Russia by Yasuhiro Matsui, ed. In Contributions to the History of Concepts 12, no. 2 (2017): 123-127.

Conference and research papers


  • 2019 / 10th Annual London Graduate Conference in the History of Political Thought “‘Godmanhood’ as an Idea of Progress in Revolutionary Russia” In London, UK, University College London (UCL)
  • 2019 / British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) Annual Conference “Where is the Kingdom of God? Radical Clergy and Orthodox Social Gospel in Revolutionary Russia” In Cambridge, UK, University of Cambridge
  • 2018 / Fifth International Conference of the European Society for the History of Political Thought “The worse, the better: Crisis as Moral and Intellectual Catalyst in Late Imperial Russia” In Heidelberg, Germany, University of Heidelberg
  • 2017 / Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) Annual Convention ““Kant’s yoke”– Nikolai Fedorov’s polemic with Kantian ideas” In Chicago, IL, USA
  • 2017 / Religion and Russian Revolution “Can a Christian be a Socialist? – Archpriest I. Vostorgov on Revolutionary Socialism” In Moscow, Russia, RANEPA
  • 2017 / The Rethinking of Religious Belief in the Making of Modernity – ISIH “Christianity, Socialism and Just Resistance in Late Imperial Russia” In Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)
  • 2016 / Key Concepts in Times of Crisis – 19th International Conference on Conceptual History ““Khristianskaia Obshchestvennost’”: Creating a Christian Public Sphere in Late Imperial Russia” In Aarhus, Denmark, Aarhus University
  • 2016 / The Fifth Regional Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) “Friend or Foe: Christianity and Socialism in Late Imperial Russia” In Kazan, Russia, Kazan Federal University
  • 2016 / Rethinking Europe in Intellectual History – ISIH conference “Against Secularization: ‘Godmanhood’ as an Idea of Progress in Late Imperial Russia” In Rethymnon, Greece, University of Crete
  • 2016 / “The ethnic and the social: the forms of interplay and conflicts” Conference “Disregarding the Ethnic: Konstantin Leont’ev and Nation-building in the Russian Empire” In Saint-Petersburg, Russia, Saint-Petersburg State University
  • 2015 / 10th International Conference on Russian Studies in History “Alexander Bogdanov and the Sociology of Knowledge” In Budapest, Hungary, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)
  • 2015 / 9th Annual Graduate Conference in European History (GRACEH) “Christian Brotherhood for Struggle and the 1905 crisis in Russia” In Vienna, Austria, University of Vienna
  • 2014 / International Conference for Young Scholars of Russian Studies “Ideas of Progress at Turn-of-the-Century Russia: S. N. Bulgakov” In Budapest, Hungary, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)


Awards and grants

  • 2019/ CEU Award for Advanced Doctoral Students
  • 2019 / CEU Write-up grant (6 months)
  • 2018-2019 / Institute of European History in Mainz (IEG) / Doctoral Fellowship
  • 2017-2018 / Provost's International Research Internship Program / Cornell University
  • 2017-2018 / Reese Miller International Exchange Scholarship by Telluride Association
  • 2016 / CEU Academic Achievement Award for First-Year Doctoral Students
  • 2014 / CEU Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (for highest GPA in the program)
  • 2014-2017 / CEU Full Doctoral Fellowship (36 months)
  • 2013-2014 / CEU Partial MA Fellowship (10 months)
  • 2012 / The Year's Best Russian Thesis Award / Foundation for Russian Language and Culture