Muhammad  Faisal Khalil

Muhammad Faisal Khalil

Guest Teacher

Department of International History

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Office Hours
Wednesday, 12pm to 3pm
Arabic, English, Punjabi, Urdu
Key Expertise
Qur'anic Exegesis; Islamic Revivalism and Reform; History of South Asia

About me

I am a DPhil candidate at the Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Oxford. My thesis, "The Political as Ordinary: Foundational Discourses from South Asia on Spirituality and Politics in Islam", argues for a new historiographical understanding of contemporary Islamic political thought, by showing how religious thinkers within the seminal yet still undocumented South Asian tradition of Qur’anic coherence (nazm) argued for the "ordinary" as the source of political imagination in Islam. My graduate studies were in international history at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). My undergraduate studies were in government and history at the LSE as well as in theoretical physics at Imperial College London. I also studied international journalism at the LSE, and strategic communication at Johns Hopkins University. I was UROP Researcher for the Centre for the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine (CHoSTM), Imperial College London. I have served in senior technical and leadership roles with UNICEF, UNDP, the WHO, Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Communication Programs (CCP), and the Government of Pakistan. I am the co-founder and co-director of the strategic communication firm All-Story, and the policy think tank Pakistan Observatory.

Expertise Details

Islamic Scriptural Exegesis (Javed Ahmad Ghamidi); Literary Aspects of the Qur’an; Historical Re-Classification of Islamic Traditions; Islam; Family; Politics; Modern South Asia; Literary Modernism; Aesthetics of the Ordinary and the Everyday


Muhammad teaches the following course:

At undergraduate level:

HY113 - From Empire to Independence: The Extra-European World in the Twentieth Century

Honours and awards

  • LSE Medlicott Prize
  • LSE Merit Award
  • LSE Graduate Support Scheme Award
  • LSE Undergraduate Support Scheme Award