BSc International Relations and History

This joint honours degree allows you to combine historical studies with contemporary and theoretical studies in international relations.

Students who wish to complement the in-depth understanding of the complex unfolding of historical events with a theoretical perspective on how international society is organised can take a degree in International Relations and History.

Students taking a degree in IR and History take an equal number of courses from each of the two departments. History courses range from relations between Muslims, Christians and Jews in early modern Spain to the Russian Revolution, from the rise and fall of the British Empire in India to the Cold War.

As part of this degree, students take four compulsory courses in International Relations: Concepts of International Society, International Political Theory, Foreign Policy Analysis and International Organisations. Final year students have the option of writing a 10,000 word History dissertation.

The degree places a strong emphasis on developing analytical skills, with a focus on discerning academic opinions, interrogating sources, and developing arguments.

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