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The Greek Anti-vaccination Social Movement and the 'Underdog' Culture

Project Coordinator and Principal Researcher: Professor Manussos Marangudakis 

Duration: September 2022 - August 2024


The study examines the socio-cultural forces that shape the Greek anti-vaccination movement as the combined effect of (a) mistrust of relevant public institutions and their leaders, (b) the proliferation of conspiracy theories in social media, (c) the religiosity cultivated by the “little Orthodox traditions” and their ad hoc charismatic leaders, and (d) by the international online anti-vaccination network of information disorder. The hypothesis we wish to test is that the anti-vaccination movement constitutes only one expression of a wider “underdog” culture the epicenter of which is the anti-globalization movement.

Research Team

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Project Coordinator and Principal Researcher: Manussos Marangudakis, Professor of Sociology, University of the Aegean

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Co-Researcher: Maria Zamboka, PhD Candidate, School of Social Sciences, University of the Aegean

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Co-Researcher: Christos Kouroutzas, Assistant Professor, School of Social Sciences, University of the Aegean

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Co-Researcher: Theodoros Chadjipadelis, Professor of Applied Statistics, Department of Political Sciences, Aristotle University Thessaloniki