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Intelligent Modelling of e-Government Initiatives in Greece

Project Coordinator and Principal Researcher: Professor Diomidis Spinellis
Duration: September 2020 - August 2021


Greece lacks a long-term e-Government (eGov) strategy, with initiatives revised every 2-3 years. Process re-engineering is poorly designed and executed, while legislation and regulations usually constraint paperless transactions. Despite recent steps and the accelerated digitalization during the COVID-19 era, public administration still offers costly and time-consuming services with reduced transparency. 

This research aims to contribute to addressing these problems beyond documentation. It augments historic data analysis with artificial intelligence soft tools to model the multi-dimensional causal relations in such complex reforms. Strategy and projects are modelled together with stakeholder needs, process changes, regulatory constraints, procurement tactics, reform coordination, etc. to set up a comprehensive “intelligent” x-ray of eGov. The predictive capabilities of this model are utilized to identify gaps and compare comprehensive what-if scenarios. Cyclical relations which exist widely in such complex environments are modelled as well. This research focuses on the G2B (government to business) services. eGov initiatives tend to prioritize G2C (government to citizen) services but neglect the substantial impact of G2B services on growth. The interdisciplinary research concludes with realistic policy recommendations on how to implement eGov reforms in Greece.

Project Outputs

- The Policy Brief is available here.

- Read the Research Paper of the project, which was published as part of the GreeSE working paper series, GreeSE Paper No.168


- The preliminary findings of the Research Project were presented at an online Research Seminaron Tuesday 15 February 2022.
Read more about the event here.
Watch the video.


Research Team

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Project Coordinator and Principal Researcher: Diomidis Spinellis, Professor of Software Engineering; Head of the Department of Management Science & Technology, Athens University of Economics & Business

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Principal Researcher: Athanasia (Nancy) Pouloudi, Professor of Information Systems Management, Department of Management Science & Technology, Athens University of Economics & Business

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Senior Advisor: George Xirogiannis, Deputy Director General at SEV Hellenic Federation and Enterprises; CEO, SEV’s Research Institute

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Researcher: Evmorfia (Fay) Makantasi, Senior Research Analyst at diaNEOsis; Adj. Assistant Professor, Athens University of Economics & Business