Mr Robert  Quartly-Janeiro

Mr Robert Quartly-Janeiro

Visiting Fellow

Hellenic Observatory

Room No
CBG 5.07
Key Expertise

About me

Robert Quartly-Janeiro works in corporate development and buy-side investments covering topics such as M&A, commercial-investment analysis, deal origination, strategy, trade and economic development, business development, marketing strategy, and high-level government relations, working with hedge funds, private equity firms, banks and governments along the way. His sector interests include: financials, luxury goods, aviation, hospitality, infrastructure, sports teams, and consultancies. At the LSE he is leading a project examining FDI and M&A deals into Greece (2015-Present) to see how investments have performed, what can be done better, which sectors have been underinvested, and what has been the impact on the economy from a governmental perspective. By engaging with corporate, individual and private equity investors, senior executives, investment banks, advisory firms, LSE departments, the Greek government and Minister of Finance, the ultimate aim is to establish best practise approaches and future opportunities.