Dr Maria Rizou

Dr Maria Rizou

Visiting Fellow

Hellenic Observatory

Room No
CBG 5.07
English, Greek
Key Expertise
history, migration policies

About me

Dr Maria Rizou holds a PhD in History from King's College London. She has conducted extensive research on the UK and EU-based data covering governmental and institutional policies used to settle the Asia Minor refugees, as well as the establishment of the European migration policies. In her dissertation, 'The National Bank of Greece and the International Dimension of the Greek Refugee Crisis: 1917-1928', she has also assessed the impact of the refugees on EU economies during the interwar period. She has compared the different economic and social conditions before and after 1922, which enabled a clearer understanding of the Greek refugee crisis during the interwar period. She now links this research to the current migration crisis and its effects (social, political, ideological, economical) in Greece and outlines how settlement migration policies have developed nearly a century later. Dr Rizou is currently an EU Policy Advisor in the Department for International Development, and has previously worked as a Migration Policy Advisor in the Home Office.