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PhD Job Market 2021-22

Information about our job market candidates for the current academic year. 

To enquire about our job candidates this year please contact Placement Officer Professor Chris Minns:

jKohler 2019

Jennifer Kohler
PhD Candidate

Research interests: Political economy, African economic history, culture and institutions.

Thesis title: 'Culture and Institutions in African Economic History'

CV: Jennifer Kohler CV [PDF]

Personal website: 

Photo of Safya Morshed

Safya Morshed
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Economic History of Developing Regions; Comparative Historical Development; Political-Economy; Asian, Middle Eastern and African economic history. 

Thesis title: Evolution of Revolutions: State Capacity in Mughal India (1555-1707)

CV: Safya Morshed CV [PDF]

Personal website:


Juliana Jaramillo
PhD Candidate

Research interests: Economic History, Development Economics, Social mobility & Inequality, Demography.

Thesis title: Social change in Colombia: studying social mobility and the fertility decline

CV: Juliana Jaramillo CV [PDF]


Yitong (Nora) Qiu
PhD Candidate

Research interests: Long-run economic growth, consumption pattern, material culture, wealth accumulation, institution and law, global trade.

Thesis Title: Power and Identity in the Qing Empire: A Study of the Political and Economic Life of the Elites through Confiscation Inventories 1700-1912 

Sample Chapter: Chapter 4: Material Culture & Identity in the Households of the Manchu and Mongol Bannermen

CV: Yitong 'Nora' Qiu CV [PDF]


Felix Schaff
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Economic History, Political Economy, Economic Inequality & Social Mobility

Thesis title: "Exploring the Historical Causes of Economic Inequality in Pre-Industrial Germany, c. 1400-1800”

CV: Felix Schaff CV

Personal website: Felix Schaff