How Well Do 'Facts' Travel?

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Since 2005, the project has organised six workshops. The aim of these meetings is to bring together an international group of scholars and to encourage them to ask our question themselves.  (Links to more detailed descriptions of these workshops are included below.)

The first workshop, held in May 2005, launched the project and invited colleagues to discuss the project agenda. Workshops 2-6 were related to the individual research projects of the post docs. In April 2007, the second and third workshops of the "Facts" project were held. The first of these, focussing on Jon Adams's research, was entitled The Fact/Fiction Ratio, and held at LSE on 12-13 April; and the second, Facts At the Frontier, focussed on Edmund Ramsden's research, came the other side of the weekend, on 16-17 April. Both workshops went better than we might have hoped, and set a good tone for our plans for the fourth workshop, Facts and Artefacts, held in December 2007, which looked at Simona Valeriani's research into facts embedded in material objects.

The final two workshops were held in March 2008, based around the work of Sabina Leonelli and Erika Mattila, respectively. The first of these was entitled Making Small Facts Travel, which focussed on Sabina Leonelli's research on bioinformatics, use of genetic databases, and its implications to biomedical sciences. The second of these, Life Histories of Facts discussed Erika Mattila's studies on life-histories of 'facts' in infectious disease epidemiology with special focus on the role of models in that process.


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