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Specialises in

Professor Shigeru Akita
Osaka University

Comparative imperialism and Asian trade in the 20th century

Professor Bob Allen
Nuffield College, Oxford

European and Asian economic history

Dr. Gareth Austin
London School of Economics

African economic history

Professor Maxine Berg
University of Warwick

Trade and technologies in manufactured consumer goods between Asia and Europe in the 17th and 18th Centuries

Professor Roy Bin Wong
Asia Institute, 
University of California, LA

The Political economy of China since 1500 and comparative economic history of Europe and East Asia

Professor William Gervase Clarence Smith
School of Oriental and African Studies

The economic histories of commodity trades, slavery and connexions between religions and economic behaviour

Professor H. Floris Cohen
University of Twente

The comparative history of science

Professor Nick Crafts
London School of Economics

European and Asian industrialisation and the development of the international economy since 1873

Dr. John Darwin
Nuffield College, Oxford

British and comparative imperial histories

Professor Karel Davids
Free University, Amsterdam

Comparative history of European and Asian sciences and technologies, 1500-1800

Dr. Kent Deng
London School of Economics

Chinese, maritime and agrarian history and the political economy of Ming-Qing China

Professor Larry Epstein
London School of Economics

Early modern European economics, states and the formation of markets, skill formation

Dr. Bouda Etemad
University of Geneva

Long-run trade between north and south and colonialism

Dr. Sakis Gekas
London School of Economics

Research Officer for the GEHN project - Comparative advantages and labour productivity in a global industry: the manufacture and export of cotton textiles in Eurasia, 1498-1914

Professor Barry Gills
University of Newcastle

Comparative political economy and the history of world systems 

Professor Jack Goldstone
George Mason University

The political economy of early modern Europe, China and the Ottoman Empire

Dr. Regina Grafe
Nuffield College, Oxford

The formation and integration of markets in early modern Europe

Professor Knick Harley
St Antony's College, Oxford

The growth and integration of the world economy

Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Hosking
School of East European and Slavonic Studies

The economic aspects of Russia's imperial and national identity and "trust" in European and world history

Professor Janet Hunter
London School of Economics

Gender, work and industrialisation

Professor Ian Inkster
Nottingham Trent University

The comparative histories of European and Asian technologies

Professor Paul Johnson
London School of Economics

The histories of social risk in Europe, India and China

Ms Tracy Keefe
London School of Economics

GEHN Administrator

Professor Beverly Lemire
University of Alberta  

Textiles and clothing in early-modern Britain; second-hand cultures; gender and credit

Dr. Colin Lewis
London School of Economics  

The political economy of Latin America

London School of Economics

Long-term economic growth in East Asia

Professor Alan Macfarlane
King's College, Cambridge

The cultural, social and economic histories of England, Nepal and Japan

Professor Paolo Malanima
University of Pisa

Comparative energy systems

Professor Patrick Manning
World History Centre, Boston

African and global economic and demographic history

Dr. Matthias Middell
Leipzig University

 Historiography of world history and European cultural history

Professor Patrick O'Brien
London School of Economics
GEHN Convenor

Comparative Economic Histories of European and Asian Science and Technologies

Professor Kevin O'Rourke
Trinity College, Dublin

The political economy of globalisation 1873-2001

Professor Jurgen Osterhammel
University of Konstanz

The history of colonisation and cultural interactions between Europe and China since the 17th century

Professor Sevket Pamuk
Bogazici University

The economic history of the Ottoman Empire

Professor Prasannan Parthasarathi
Boston College

Comparative standards of living and the history of the world textile industry

Professor Ken Pomeranz
University of California, Irvine

 Comparative economic histories of China and Europe; environmental and Imperial history

Professor Maarten Prak
University of Utrecht

The rise of capitalism in early modern Europe in comparative perspective

Professor Om Prakash
University of Delhi

Early modern Indian economic history and the history of trade in the Indian Ocean

Professor John F. Richards
Duke University

 Environmental and Indian History

Giorgio Riello
London School of Economics

Research Officer for the GEHN project  - Comparative advantages and labour productivity in a global industry: the manufacture and export of cotton textiles in Eurasia, 1498-1914

Professor Tirthankar Roy 
Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics,now Reader in Economic History, LSE



The industrialisation of colonial and post colonial India

Professor Osamu Saito
Hitotsubashi University

Comparative historical demography

Dr. Max Schulze
London School of Economics

The economic history of the Habsburg Empire and problems of quantification in comparative economic history

Professor Kaoru Sugihara
Osaka University

 Asian and Global Trade

Professor Tom Tomlinson
School of Oriental and African Studies

The economic history of South Asia and modern globalisation

Professor Steve Topik
University of California, Irvine

The Economic History of South America and commodities in world trade

Professor Jan Luiten Van Zanden
Utrecht University and
International Institute of Social History,Amsterdam

The comparative economic history of early modern Europe and Dutch colonies overseas

Professor Peer Vries
Leiden University

Comparative history of early modern Europe and Asia (especially China and Japan)

Dr. David Washbrook
St Antony's College, Oxford

The political economy and social history of colonial India

Professor Harriet Zurndorfer
Sinological Institute 
Leiden University

The economic history of women with reference to China

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