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PhD Job Market 2020-21

Information about our job market candidates for the current academic year. 

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Thea Don Siemion
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Macroeconomics; financial history; the Great Depression; hyperinflations.

Thesis title: 'Money, Debt and the Balance of Payments in Poland's Great Depression'

CV available here: Thea Don-Siemion [PDF]

Research Interests: Macroeconomics; financial history; the Great Depression; hyperinflations.

Personal website:

Photo of Deng Hanzhi, PhD student

Hanzhi Deng
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Public finance; state capacity and local governance; institutional transitions and economic development; political economy of modern and contemporary China

Thesis Title: The Making of Regional Fiscal States in China: Striving Paths towards Modernization, 1850s-1930s

CV available here: Hanzhi Deng [PDF]

jKohler 2019

Jennifer Kohler
PhD Candidate

Research interests: Political economy, African economic history, culture and institutions.

Thesis title: 'Culture and Institutions in African Economic History'

CV: Jennifer Kohler CV [PDF]

Personal website: 

Ivan 2019

Ivan Luzardo Luna

Primary: Labor Economics and Quantitative Economic History.
Secondary: Financial Economics, Development Economics and Latin America.

Thesis Title: The Economic History of British Interwar Unemployment, 1920-1939

CV: Ivan Luzardo Luna CV [PDF]


Maanik Nath
PhD Candidate

Research Interests: Business and economic history, political economy and development studies. 

Thesis title: 'The State and Rural Credit Markets in South India, 1930-1960'.

CV available here: Maanik Nath CV [PDF]

Personal website:

Placements 2019-20

Mattia Bertazzini

Mattia Bertazzini

Nuffield College, Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellow in Economics (2019)

Thesis Title: "The economic impact of Italian colonial investments in Libya and in the Horn of Africa, 1920-2000."

Curriculum Vitae

Sijie Hu

Sijie Hu
PhD Candidate

Assistant Professor, Renmin University of China

Research interests: Historical and economic demography, Chinese population history, social stratification and social mobility.

Thesis title: 'A New Examination of Chinese Fertility, 1400-1900'

CV available here: Sijie Hu CV [PDF]

Personal website:


Dr Enrique Jorge Sotelo

Placement: Visiting Professor at the Department of Economic History and Institutions at Universitat de Barcelona (UB Economics)

Research interests:  Monetary and Financial History; Financial Crises; Central Banking; Monetary Policy Implementation; Political Economy of Financial Development and Financial Crises.

Thesis title:  “Escaping” the Great Depression: monetary policy, financial crises and banking in Spain, 1921-1935 

CVAvailable here

Personal website: