Dr Eric Schneider

Dr Eric Schneider

Associate Professor

Department of Economic History

+44 (0) 20 7852 3680
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SAR 5.18 (Sardinia House)
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Key Expertise
Living standards, health, child health

About me

Dr Schneider is currently conducting research on three broad topics in the history of health and historical economic demography:

  • Assessing factors influencing children's health and growth in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
  • Measuring how early life health has changed over time and the influence of early life exposure to disease on later health outcomes
  • Assessing fertility differentials between social groups in early modern England

These projects span chronological and geographical boundaries from early modern England to twentieth-century Japan.

Dr Schneider is also Undergraduate Programme Director for the Economic History Department.

View Dr Schneider's CV here: Eric Schneider CV [PDF] 


EH101  The Internationalisation of Economic Growth, 1870 to the present day

EH237  Theories and Evidence in Economic History

EH454 Human Health in History