2019-20 Student Prize Winners

Congratulations to all our departmental exams prizewinners in 2019-20.

Lilian Knowles Prize for a Finalist with the best set of marks achieved in a candidate’s final year of study.

  • Raphael Ades
  • George Macdonald.

The Prize for the best EH390 dissertation

  • Jingyang Rui
  • Title: ‘Re-evaluating China’s Infectious Disease Control during the Mao Era: The Case of Anti-Schistosomiasis Campaign in Kunshan County, 1951-1979

Markers comments included:

 ‘an outstanding piece of work with a careful and well constructed argument.’


‘The author has built up a very convincing and nuanced argument from the primary sources, and the findings are very important for our understanding of health and political economy of China during the Mao era.’

  • Will Banks
  • Title: When did Chile fall asleep? An assessment of national and regional income inequality in Chile, 1973-1990.’

The markers comments included: 

‘This is an outstanding dissertation. The question is highly relevant, both for the case of Chile and for scholars working on inequality […] this dissertation is very close to a publishable paper in an Economic History journal.’ 

‘This is a great piece of work for a UG dissertation, which makes a real (and robust) contribution to a well research topic.’


The Altorfer-Ong Prize: for the best mark achieved in EH240:  Business and Economic Performance since 1945: Britain in International Context


  • Jingyang Rui

Inaugural Eileen Power Prize for Commitment to Study

This occasional prize is to honour students who have completed their studies in the face extraordinary challenges. 

  • Abigail Platts