2022 Photo Competition Winners

The winning entries

 First Prize: Noah Sutter, 1st year MPhil/PhD in Economic History

Noah Sutter Craft Guilds

This picture was taken in the Guildhall of the City of London and depicts King Charles III when he was Prince of Wales wearing a modern interpretation of a coronet from the 1960s. The actual coronet was a gift of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths to Queen Elizabeth. A new crown was needed because Edward VIII had taken the Coronet of George, Prince of Wales, with him upon leaving the UK. 

The photograph is thus a nice illustration of the complex relationship of the City and the Guilds with the Crown. On the one hand, a Liberty and proud of its independent status with respect to the Crown, on the other hand, of course, deeply interwoven with the Crown's affairs. Literally providing the Crown with a crown and placing this bust of the heir to the Crown within their heart chamber in the Guildhall.

Honourable mentions

Debbie Fan, 1st year MPhil/PhD in Economic History 

Debbie Fan photo

Oluchi Egbom, 2nd year BSc Economic History

Oluchi Egbom photo