Data for Climate Change and Environment

The DSI aims to host, facilitate and promote research in social and economic data science

The response to climate and environmental challenges is as much a social question as a physical one. How can we as individuals, organisations and societies make effective decisions to address our environmental impacts?

Our research looks at the use of social and environmental data to analyse and support decisions on all levels.

This page is currently under development as the DSI expands its range of activities. Contributions to DSI research are being actively sought. Please get in contact in order to become involved.

Current DSI activity

DSI Staff


Dr Erica Thompson

Senior Policy Fellow in Ethics of Modelling and Simulation

DSI Affiliates


Professor Henry Wynn

Emeritus Professor of Statistics

DSI Visiting Staff


Professor Arthur Petersen

Visiting Professor

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Related LSE research

The strong research community at the London School of Economics also takes an interest in this research theme. As the cornerstone of data science at LSE, the DSI acts as a nexus for research and learning, working alongside other Departments and Institutes across the School.

The Grantham Institute was founded in 2008 with the vision of a world in which climate change and other global environmental challenges are managed effectively to promote prosperity and well-being.

LSE Cities carries out interdisciplinary research into how cities can be designed and managed to be more open, promote social inclusion, reduce environmental impact and be governed more effectively.