Urban Age publishes Humanising the City Debate Summary



Over 650 people from around the world – from El Salvador to Cape Town, from Jerusalem to Moscow – attended the second Urban Age Debate on Humanising the City on 27 April 2021. This new summary of the debate identifies five key takeaways:

Key Takeaway 1: Re-imagining forgotten and underused urban spaces offers potential for connection and integration

Key Takeaway 2: Unplanned and unexpected uses of public space contribute to social life

Key Takeaway 3: The public realm of city is a democratic and contested right that reflects opposing interests, 'urban space is public and democratic like air and water, until it is cut up and privatized' (Liz Diller)

Key Takeaway 4: The significance of the relationship between the physical and the social in public space has been made more evident during the Covid-19 lockdown

Key Takeaway 5: The future of public space in the city is dynamic, diverse, and complex

Read the the full debate summary here.

Watch a recording of the debate here.