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Building our supportive community where everyone can flourish

Being the first point of contact for incoming students at LSE was such a rewarding experience and really helped me to connect with the LSE community.

Annabelle Gouttebroze, Welcome Live Chat Assistant

Community, wellbeing and inclusion are central components to Educate for Global Impact. 

It is our vision that accessing support for mental health and wellbeing is viewed as a legitimate option for everyone, and that wellbeing is built into our definition of academic success. Our platform to achieve this is through LSE’s Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Framework. The framework focuses ongoing work in three areas: 

Enhancing LSE’s learning community

This includes academic mentoring, developing inclusive practices for staff and students, supporting peer learning and study groups, and giving students access to research and researchers. 

Developing local and School-wide student community building provision

The feeling of being welcomed into the LSE community should last year-round, and this provision will support the full student journey, from prospective applicants to alumni. 

Bolstering student mental health and wellbeing resources

This includes prevention-focused initiatives to support positive habits and help stop small problems becoming worse, as well as enhanced provision and promotion of our Student Wellbeing Service and other support.

Our You’ve Got This student campaign acknowledges that university can have its ups and downs, normalises asking for help, highlights where to find support, and promotes healthy habits and behaviours. 

Watch: You've Got This

Do you have any examples of community or wellbeing initiatives that are making students feel like part of LSE?

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Graphic from our School-wide You've Got This campaign to support student mental health and wellbeing.