Engaging Communities in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism: Women, Peace and Security in practice in Pakistan

Hosted by Centre for Women, Peace and Security

TW2 9.04, Tower 2, Clement's Inn, LSE


Mossarat Qadeem

Mossarat Qadeem

Activist in Residence, Centre for Women, Peace and Security


Zeynep Kaya

Zeynep Kaya

Research Fellow, Centre for Women, Peace and Security

The wave of violent extremism in rural and urban areas of Pakistan has cost the country more than 45,700 citizens, 4,600 security personnel, the destruction of infrastructure and the internal migration of millions of people. In areas controlled by extremists, women became an invisible community – denied basic freedoms, prevented from working in public and private sectors. The extremists were engaged in "gender apartheid”, but nobody dared to raise a voice against them, until the PAIMAN Trust, led by Mossarat Qadeem, created an innovative programme promoting peace and social cohesion.   

About the speaker

Mossarat Qadeem is an Activist in Residence in the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, and co-founder of PAIMAN Trust, a non-profit organisation promoting the socio-political and economic empowerment of marginalised Pakistanis. She is an internationally recognised expert on countering violent extremism and de-radicalisation, and has spoken three times at the UN General Assembly on this topic. 

The PAIMAN Alumni Trust is a pioneer in the field of countering and preventing violent extremism. With its "Lets live in Peace program" PAIMAN has developed an indigenous and innovative model of empowering and engaging communities. This non-violent movement against violent extremism in one of the most volatile regions of the world has received international recognition and has inspired many other initiatives.

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