Writing Workshops

This series of events on Saturday 28 February will provide an opportunity to brush up on your creative writing skills, and find out just how to get that novel you've written published.
It will be free to attend these workshops, but registration is required. A registration form will be available on this page from Tuesday 10 February.

Programme Details

Fiction Writing- An Introduction for Beginners
Time: 10.30am

How to get started with writing with Justine Mann, a published short story writer and creative writing teacher for the Open University. In 2008, she established the London School of Economics' writers workshop in partnership with the LSE's Staff Development Unit.

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Justine Mann
Creative Writing, a Q&A with Nicola Monaghan
Time: 11.30am

Nicola Monaghan is an award winning author and Fellow of the National Academy of Writing, based at UCE Birmingham, where she runs the diploma course in Creative Writing.  Her latest novel is Starfishing.

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Nicola Monaghan
How to be Published with Catherine Webb
Time: 12.30pm

Catherine Webb is a British author and LSE alumna, whose first book was written when she was just 14 years old.

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 Catherine Webb