Inaugural Lecture Series 2008-09

Programme details - Summer Term 2009


The State between Migration and Sojourning: the China difference

Speaker: Professor Wang Gungwu
Date: Tuesday 28 April, 6.30pm


War, Guns and Votes: democracy in dangerous places

Speaker: Professor Paul Collier
Date: Wednesday 29 April, 6.30pm


Capitalism 3.0

Speaker: Professor Dani Rodrik
Date: Tuesday 16 June, 6.30pm


The Idea of Justice

Speaker: Professor Amartya Sen
Date: Monday 27 July, 6.30pm


Michaelmas 2008 and Lent Term
2009 lectures

Event transcripts, podcasts and videos are available online for many of last term's Space for Thought lecture series. Highlights of the series so far include lectures by Professor Catherine McKinnon, Professor Niall Ferguson and Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter. 

For the full list of lectures in the Michaelmas and Lent Term programmes, see Space for Thought programme.

The Space for Thought Inaugural lecture series is supported by the LSE Annual Fund