Literary Festival 2014 - Podcasts and Videos

Podcasts and Videos of many of the 2014 LSE Literary Festival events are now online. Please follow the links below.

Literary Festival 2014: Tacit Knowledge in the Arts, Science and Business
Speakers: Professor Harry Collins, Professor Roger Kneebone, Professor Fiona Sampson
Chair: Richard Bronk

Literary Festival 2014: Poetry Reading
Speaker: Professor Fiona Sampson

Literary Festival 2014: Paths of Glory
Speakers: Richard Daniels, Michael Leader
Chair: Professor James Hughes

Literary Festival 2014: Self-Help: myth or reality?
Speakers: Dr Julian Baggini, Professor Paul Dolan, Professor Barbara J Sahakian
Chair: Professor Ilina Singh

Literary Festival 2014: "Who is it who can tell me who I am?" Understanding Dementia through Art and Literature
Speakers: Melvyn Bragg, Dr Andrea Capstick, Professor Justine Schneider
Chair: Professor Martin Knapp

Literary Festival 2014: Where's the Wrath Now?
Speakers: Stephen Fender, Patrick Flanery, Maggie Gee, Professor John Sutherland
Chair: Michael Caines

Literary Festival 2014: It's OK to be Gay
Speakers: Alice Arnold, Charlie Condou, Evan Davis, Stella Duffy, Claire Harvey, QBoy
Chair: Shelley Silas

Literary Festival 2014: War and Memory
Speakers: Richard Ormond, Rachel Wagstaff
Chair: Dr Angus Wrenn

Literary Festival 2014: Reflections on the Impact of HIV and AIDS
Speakers: Vernal Scott
Chair: Carolyn Solomon-Pryce

Literary Festival 2014: Metaphors and Science
Speakers: Richard Bronk, Professor Roger Kneebone, Dr Felicity Mellor
Chair: Dr Daniel Glaser

Literary Festival 2014: Why Remember? Reflections on the First World War Centenary
Speakers: Professor Michael Cox, Dr John Hutchinson, Professor Margaret Macmillan
Chair: Professor David Stevenson

Literary Festival 2014: Sex and Psychopaths: celebrating 100 years of Freud's On Narcissism
Speakers: Professor Marianna Fotaki, Professor Steve Fuller, Professor Yiannis Gabriel, David Morgan
Chair: Elizabeth Cotton

Literary Festival 2014: More Tales from the Two James(es)
Speakers: Dr Alex Gillespie, Professor Philip Horne
Chair: Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch

Literary Festival 2014: Gang Culture: on screen and in print
Speakers: Andrew Davies, Penny Woolcock
Chair: Dr Gareth Jones

Literary Festival 2014: The Forum: reflections on love, laughter and friendship (via BBC)
Speakers: Tracy Chevalier, Daniyal Mueenuddin, Professor Sophie Scott
Chair: Tim Marlow

Literary Festival 2014: The Power of Poetry
Speakers: Bridget Minamore, Chimene Suleyman

Literary Festival 2014: Baby Boomers on Trial
Speakers: Professor Judith Rees, Richard Hermer QC, Alice Stapleton, Richard Gordon QC, Zahra Al-Rikabi, Professor Oriana Bandiera, Shiv Malik, Emma Soames, Bob Ward
Chair: Professor Conor Gearty

Literary Festival 2014: Understanding the Self
Speakers: Mary Midgley, Jonathan Rée, Professor Raymond Tallis
Chair: Dr Danielle Sands

Literary Festival 2014: Me, but not Me: using your life as a springboard for fiction with Jonathan Gibbs
Speaker: Jonathan Gibbs

Literary Festival 2014: Understanding the World: religious and secular perspectives
Speakers: Dr Arthur Bradley, Kenan Malik
Chair: Dr Danielle Sands

Literary Festival 2014: Short Stories, Deep Reflections
Speakers: AS Byatt, Professor Mary Evans, Alex Preston
Chair: Cathy Galvin

Literary Festival 2014: Based on a True Story with James Owen
Speaker: James Owen

Literary Festival 2014: How We Feel: what neuroscience can and can't tell us about our emotions
Speaker: Giovanni Frazzetto
Chair: Stephan Guettinger

Literary Festival 2014: Don't Judge a Book by its Cover: reflecting content through design
Speakers: Polly Courtney, Isabelle de Cat, Jonathan Gibbs
Chair: Toby Lichtig

Literary Festival 2014: Alphabetical
Speaker: Michael Rosen
Chair: Professor Jennifer Richards

Literary Festival 2014: Beyond Criticism
Speaker: Adrian Searle
Chair: Henry Little

Literary Festival 2014: Sonic Landscapes: understanding the world through sounds
Speakers: Professor Trevor Cox, Caroline Devine, Aleksander Kolkowski
Chair: Professor David Hendy

Literary Festival 2014: Private Lives: do we still value our privacy?
Speakers: Professor Josh Cohen, Dr Ellen Helsper, Professor Andrew Murray
Chair: Professor George Gaskell

Literary Festival 2014: Voices of the Great War
Speakers: Tobias Hill, Michael Longley, Timberlake Wertenbaker, Louisa Young
Chair: Peter Parker