Creative Writing Workshops

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This year's creative writing workshops, taking place on Saturday 2 March, are celebrating our Branching Out theme.  Fancy embracing new technology, trying out new ideas in your creative writing, or even experimenting with non fiction?  These are the sessions for you.

These events are now fully booked.  Subject to no technical difficulties, podcasts of these events should be available online in the week followin the event.  Please see the weblistings for further information.

Programme Details

Jonathan Gibbs10-11am, Alumni Theatre
Fast fiction: Creative writing and changing technology with Jonathan Gibbs

It’s a truism that technology is changing the way we live our lives – but should this fact change just what we write about, or should it change the way we write, too? In this workshop we will look at various ways that writers have tried to keep pace with the new dynamics of the digital age, including flash fiction and Twitter fiction.


Katy Darb yc Jon Cartwright11am-12pm, Alumni Theatre
Trying New Positions: How to spice up your Text Life with Katy Darby

Bored of the same old viewpoint or genre? Want to inject new life into your prose? Katy Darby talks about experimenting and playing around with different approaches to writing fiction. We'll explore the genesis and development of ideas (and come up with some new ones of our own) - and discuss ways of telling a story which can refresh a dusty narrative and teach an old plot new tricks.


James Owen12-1pm, Alumni Theatre
Based on a true story - with James Owen

In this session, historian and journalist James Owen will look at ways of approaching different types of non-fiction writing. Do you want to research or write your family’s story? Or your own? Are you a budding biographer or diarist? Find out how to begin and how to get the most out of the new resources available to would-be writers.