re-forming space

Saturday 13 February

"...what defines a relationship of power is that it is a mode of action that does not act directly and immediately on others. Instead, it acts upon their actions: an action upon an action, on possible or actual future or present actions... it forces, it bends, it breaks, it destroys, or it closes off all possibilities."
-Michel Foucault.

"Between the covers of the books that no one had ever read again, in the old parchments damaged by dampness, a livid flower had prospered, and in the air that had been the purest and brightest in the house an unbearable smell of rotten memories floated."
- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"It's not strange no mystery
You and I are history
I put up my protective wall
It's 4 feet thick and 10 feet tall"
- Loudon Wainwright III

Throughout the day, the atrium will host an experimental collaborative work that will explore the dialectical relationship between the body and the space it inhabits. The work is based on the assumption that the corporeal form is fundamentally constrained by structures that envelop it: modelling, producing and forming modes of behaviour and comportment. And yet the body forces back against its environment, creating new formations of meaning and constructions of truth and positioning itself at the centre of all human interaction. This work uses an atmosphere of exploration and play to test the limits of our understanding of bodies as necessarily bounded by the subject/object dichotomy. Thus, the fluid interaction between playground and player continually reverses the active/passive relation while at the same time challenging the notion of the physical form as discrete from the environment in which it exists.


Download: Video

Music composed by Soosan Lolavar.  Featuring Rosa van Hensbergen, Peter Mills, Benjamin Pohlig and Josie Waterson.