Children's events

Fun events for all the family on the afternoon of Saturday 13 February

Update, Friday 12 February: all tickets for these events have now been allocated.

Programme details

The Animals' Lawsuit Project
Ages 5-11
Times: 2.30-3.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm

The workshop brings to life a version for children of the 1000-year-old eco-fable The Animals' Lawsuit against Humanity. The story involves an enchanted island, a shipwreck, living species of all kinds (who have not encountered humans before), the King of the Spirits (or Djinn) and a court case that takes humans to task for stepping too far outside their ecological niche and not realising that all life is interconnected.
Participating children will be involved in an imaginative and interactive storytelling performance, whereby they become the voice of the animals. In preparation for this, children will participate in fun and creative drama activities, finding their animal's sound and physicality. Children will also be given a platform to consider and vocalize their animal's case against the humans in court.



Children's workshop

Richard Hamilton

Pirate Pranks, for 5+
Time: 3-3.45pm

Find out about real pirates and fictional pirates, hear stories of dreadful villany on the high seas and of the mean and rotten pirates who find a baby and decide to become parents...Richard Hamilton is author of Violet and the Mean and Rotten Pirates

Picnicking animals to revolutionary toddlers, for 3+
Time: 4-4.30pm

Richard Hamilton is author of If I were You - ( shortlisted for the Booktrust early years award 2009), Polly's Picnic and Let's take over the Nursery. Find out how picture books are made and get a sneak preview of his new book out in July 2010 - for kids who need help persuading their parents to get a pet!



Richard Hamilton PiratesRichard Hamilton
Hamilton picnicHamilton If I Were You