2010-2011 lecture series

The Restructuring of World Power

Michaelmas Term

4 October: Special Ralph Miliband Debate and Book Launch · Capitalism: can it ever be moral?

Larry Elliott is the economics editor of The Guardian. Jon Cruddas is the Member of Parliament for for Dagenham and Rainham. Professor Chandran Kukathas is the Chair of Political Theory in the LSE Department of Government. This event launches Larry Elliott's book Crisis and Recovery: Ethics, Economics and Justice (co-edited with Rowan Williams).

13 October: Ngaire Woods · Expiring of Expanding? International Economic Organizations and the Restructuring of World Power

Ngaire Woods is Professor of International Political Economy and Director of the Global Economic Governance Programme at University College, Oxford.

2 November: Special Ralph Miliband Lecture and Book Launch · Them and Us: why we need a fair society

Will Hutton is the executive vice-chair of The Work Foundation and senior visiting fellow at LSE Global Governance. This event launches his book Them and Us: Politics, greed and inequality - why we need a fair society.

8 November: Robert Keohane · The Regime Complex for Climate Change

Robert O. Keohane is Professor of International Affairs at Princeton University, and the author of After Hegemony.

1 December: Derek Gregory · War in the Borderlands

Derek Gregory is Professor of Geography at the University of British Columbia, and the author of The Colonial Present: Afghanistan, Palestine, and Iraq.